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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are elegant and eye-catching at the same time. The beautiful diamond in the center of the engagement ring is surrounded by a halo of small diamonds.

The interplay of center stone and halo visually creates the impression of a larger stone and even more brilliance.

Choose between halo engagement rings with traditional round diamonds, special oval diamonds or cushion cut diamonds - for an unbeatable look.

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Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring features a central diamond or gemstone, which is surrounded by smaller diamonds. The halo setting accentuates the center stone creating a stunning look and an aura of brilliant light.

Halo Engagement Rings – Diamond Shapes

The most popular diamond shape for a halo engagement ring as for any other engagement ring for sure is the traditional round diamond creating a timelessly elegant look.
The cushion cut diamond allows for a wonderful rectangular or square shaped halo engagement ring with soft edges.
Lately oval diamonds get more and more popular for halo engagement rings creating a unique look elongating the finger.

Halo Engagement Rings – Carat Weight

The carat weight for a halo engagement ring is a question of personal preference. It also varies from country to country. Whereas for small fingers a center stone with 0.2 ct may be appropriate, the center stone for luxurious halo engagement rings range up to 1.5 ct.

Create your own Halo Engagement Ring

Creating your own unique halo engagement ring with acredo is rather simple. Just choose your preferred model in the gallery and adjust the metal colour, the alloy, stone size and stone quality. Your halo engagement ring can be made in yellow gold, white gold, rose- or red gold or the special beige acredo Signature gold. The diamond quality will always be of certified excellence.

How to choose the best setting

Halo engagement rings offer many possibilities for customization by their design. First of all there are the different shapes of the center stone. Secondly the diamonds in the circle around the center stone can be set in various ways: the classical pavé setting, the modern channel setting or a daring bezel setting. Finally the ring shank itself can be with or without diamonds. To choose the best setting for you, just browse our gallery and find your preferred halo engagement ring.